Luminor Points Savings Account

Points Savings Account

Point savings account offers you to choose gifts for purchases. Pay with your card and collect emotions!

How to redeem

In order to redeem the points earned for a gift you have chosen, you must be in possession of at least one active credit card linked to the Points Savings Account and a sufficient number of points. Log on with your Nordea online banking customer number and digital identification codes!
  • Add the selected gift to your shopping basket.
  • Go to My Basket and confirm the selected gift and quantities.
  • Provide your e-mail address and mobile telephone number to receive an order confirmation and delivery details.
  • Choose the mode of delivery most convenient to you and confirm it by clicking Next.
  • Review the redemption summary and read the General Terms and Conditions of the Points Savings Account. Confirm that you have read and understood the General Terms and Conditions of the Points Savings Account and that you agree to them by clicking on the button “Confirm through Nordea online bank”.
  • Enter your customer number and digital ID code from the code card to log on to the Nordea online bank. Confirm the redemption by selecting the Confirm button and entering a confirmation code.
  • You will be able to view a confirmation of the successful order in your e-mail and in the Order History section of the Points Savings Account website.

Are you a Luminor customer?

Log on through the Nordea online bank to continue.

Terms and conditions

 Review the bank General Terms and Conditions regarding the points savings account!


This section of home page contains terms and conditions of services provided to customers, whose account number contains letters “NDEA” (LVxxNDEAxxxxxxxxxxxxx). 

If your account number contains letters “RIKO” (LVxxRIKOxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or your debit or credit card was issued by AS DNB banka, please visit the following home page:, where you will find Terms and conditions relevant to you (marked with symbols and letter “(D)”) as well as gain access to your Internet Bank.



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